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Meet Your New Coach,  Genevieve

I'm Here for You

Who is Genevieve?

Genevieve was born and raised in Boston, the youngest in a blue collar working-class family. She was enrolled in athletic programs for most of her young life. Growing up as a queer kid in a conservative suburb of Boston during the 90’s was not an easy road to travel, but it formed the foundation of her resilience and aided in her becoming a good high school athlete. 

How it all started

A few years after graduation, Genevieve had gained a significant amount of weight and was looking to
change her life, In 2009 she found Boxing and lost a little over 50 lbs. A few years later she discovered kettlebells and in 2015 she finally quit the service industry and became a certified ISSA Fitness Trainer. In 2017 she recieved her Kettlebell Strong First certification, Level 1. Over the next six and a half years Genevieve worked for many gyms in the Boston area training a wide variety of people, from youth athletes to soccer moms and everyone in between. 

Birth of Weird Flex.

After working for other gyms for the past 6 years 

Genevieve decided to build her own gym in San Diego in a cozy community with lots of
dog traffic and friendly neighbors. She wanted to make a space where people who didn't gravitate towards the general commercial gym experience would feel comfortable to be themselves. The space is small but mighty, with no shortage of equipment
to get a well rounded workout in every time. 

The Weird Flex approach

Our mission is to provide expert coaching in a safe, inclusive, and rejuvenating environment and
also to laugh and decompress from the pressures of daily life. Our coaching mantra is built on science not ego, and our approach to each clients needs rests on the philosophy that one size does not fit all when it comes to personal growth.  .

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