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A New School Gym,
with an old school vibe.

At Weird Flex, we're passionate about the idea that every body belongs. We are dedicated to creating a community-oriented gym that doesn't place worth solely on esthetics. Whether you're 18 or 81, a seasoned athlete or someone who hasn't exercised since PE class, or looking to lose weight or gain strength, Weird Flex is here to support you as you create and crush your goals.

Your Training Space

Our private studio gym is small yet mighty. The impeccably organized and sanitized space has almost everything you could find in a typical gym, assault bike, kettlebells, free weights, squat rack, all compressed into one functional space with no crowds, no waiting and most importantly no distractions. 


Your New Training Partner

If creating and crushing your goals isn't motivation enough to push through a kick-ass, personalized workout, our gym has a special guest - Louie! At the end of your sweat sesh, this sweet rescue boy is ready to make you feel like the champion you are with some celebratory tail wags.

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